• Half the fun is deciding where to go!
  • Get your workmates on a bike!
  • Love cycling? We'd love to hear your story.
  • Be part of it!
  • Cycling is fun for all the family.
  • Set a goal, itís a great motivator.
  • What's your favourite bike ride? Share your story.
  • What can you do in 10 minutes?
  • Let's keep it up and keep on cycling
  • "I want to burn off 3 glasses of wine" - Set a goal today!
  • Cycling is a quick, healthy and convenient way to commute.
  • Show your support for cycling in Cardiff.
  • They say you never forget how to ride a bike.

The Cardiff Cycle Challenge is complete!

Workplaces competed to see who could get the most staff cycling between Monday 2 July and Sunday 29 July.

We're pleased to announce the final results and prize winners here.

Thanks for contributing to these fantastic results - continue to record your trips and keep track of your progress!

Pedal Power Annual Ride - Saturday 15 September 2012

Three rides to choose from - a 52 mile ride along the Taff Trail from Brecon to Cardiff, or a 12 mile ride on the Pontcanna Tongwynlais Circular or a Bute Park ride. Join in the fin. Tea and cakes at the end!

Find out more here.

Summer of Cycling

Who's your +1?

The Summer of Cycling is a national campaign encouraging everyone with an interest in cycling to share the fun and introduce just one friend to cycling.

Take a look at summerofcycling.net to see how you can win an iPad 3, seats in the official race car at the Tour of Britain and more...

Recent activity...

David W cycled 6 miles
6 days ago

Mike S cycled 5 miles
1½ months ago

Mike S registered
1½ months ago

Zineefauby Z registered
3½ months ago

Danielen D registered
4 months ago

Pletcherkjb P registered
5½ months ago

Bj6tfux6 B registered
5½ months ago

F51xbvmx F registered
5½ months ago

Dqep5qg6 D registered
5½ months ago

Jo9zg6p8 J registered
5½ months ago

Kd02pkam K registered
5½ months ago

Wyxk16b6 W registered
5½ months ago

Yv4bg170 Y registered
5½ months ago

Xbfy0w3c X registered
5½ months ago

Carpinteyrotgf C registered
5½ months ago

Gareth H cycled 11.6 miles
7 months ago

David W completed a goal
7½ months ago

Recent reasons...

“I cycle because of frustration with the 5 o'clock traffic + Phys” - Gareth H

“I cycle Because I won a cool new bike in Cardiff cycle challenge week and love i” - Joanna H

“I cycle improves fitness, it's easy and cheap.” - Conny C

“I cycle because...it keeps me fit, no carbon emmsion, love my earth..” - Vaibhav G

“I cycle because I want to set a good example to my children.” - Tracey M

“I cycle because...i like it” - Kerim M

“I cycle because I find it's the best way to listen to Japandroids.” - Jamie G

“I cycle as it's a healthier, greener and less stressful way to get into work.” - David B

“I cycle because it's healthy, enjoyable and safe on the Taff trail” - Tudur J

“I cycle because the bicycle is the world's most efficient machine!” - Martin S

“I cycle because...i want to keep fit” - James S

“I cycle because it stops my bum falling off” - Matthew H

“I cycle because I now have no passengers and can save £80 a month on fuel!” - Stephen H

“I cycle More fun to overtake a queue of cars, to make the green light!” - Germaine W

“I cycle because Gemma makes me” - Ed H

“I cycle because...its an enjoyable way to keep fit” - Robert L

“I cycle because...” - Stuart A

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